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Our Suppliers

Tezza - Vinegrowers in Valpantena - Veneto

Since 1998, the Tezza winery has been managed by cousins Federico, Flavio, and Vanio.

Rooted in the winemaking traditions of Valpantena and Valpolicella, the Tezza family has been producing wines for over three generations. Established in 1960, the Tezza agricultural company now exemplifies a short supply chain model and upholds a fundamental principle: to ensure genuineness, transparency, and excellence, every step of the winemaking process must be traceable.

From planting vines in their family-owned vineyards to nurturing and harvesting grapes, as well as the winemaking and bottling processes: every stage of production is carefully managed within the estate, which has now also embraced organic practices.

Their wines, recognized for their excellence by sommeliers and critics worldwide, are exported and highly esteemed.