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Our Suppliers

Nestled within the picturesque “Cappella” hamlet, along the scenic route from Lucca to Monte Magno and Viareggio, lies the renowned Valle del Sole winery. This enchanting locale boasts a distinctive microclimate, characterized by significant temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation, ideal for cultivating vines and producing exceptional wines. Situated approximately 100 meters above sea level, the vineyard's gently sloping terrain cascades toward the valley, providing optimal conditions for grape maturation.

Valle del Sole's wines, bearing the prestigious Typical Geographical Indication, seamlessly blend international sophistication with the essence of the surrounding terroir. The proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea lends a unique charm to the valley, ensuring an ideal balance of sunlight and refreshing breezes, vital for grape cultivation. Here, the grapes benefit from a diverse range of temperatures between day and night, further enhancing their flavor profile.

Renowned for their superior quality, Valle del Sole's wines are a testament to the harmonious interaction between soil, climate, and the idyllic hillside location. Employing biodynamic agriculture practices, the vineyard fosters a profound connection between humanity and nature, nurturing fertile lands that yield exquisite grapes, and ultimately, exceptional wines.